The childhood of the void


The Void was born in Châlons-en-Champagne, in 2009, based on the daily life Fragan lived in the National Center of Circus Arts where he practiced every day a radically simple apparatus: a rope.
The idea is to show the absurdity of this labor and the way to free oneself from it, echoing Albert Camus’ book, The Myth of Sisyphus. In 2011, the project gets bigger, now including Alexis as stage technician, sound engineer and violin player. Together, Fragan and him perform The Void as a series of numbered «essais» (the french word, untranslatable, means both «attempt» and « essay »). In each venue, a new attempt.

In 2012, from «Essai #4», Maroussia feels the call of The Void and helps with the writing of the show. At «Essai #6», the writing is done. The Void bought itself some rollerskates, got longer and its name is now The Void – a circus «essai».




Initially supported by « big sisters » companies, The Void finally creates its own association to feel freer, he said. L’Association du Vide was created in February 2015, with the mission to circulate the show. Since then, it brings questions about the artistic vision, the ways of working together and planning for the future, of creating a link with a territory and other people outside. L’Association du Vide lets think about all these questions and experiment them in real life situations.

The members that compose it are of variable geometry, according to the projects, according to the moments, according to the desires. If the way of defining oneself remains in motion, unstable and alive, the affirmed core of this motley group is indeed the Circus!


(We think that its maturity is approaching)


(It will probably buy a couch soon, watch TV and stop making songs and circus)