« Barter is a system of exchange where goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange, such as money. It is distinguishable from gift economies in many ways; one of them is that the reciprocal exchange is immediate and not delayed in time. It is usually bilateral, but may be multilateral (i.e., mediated through a trade exchange) »


« Bartering is a bit like buying stuff, but you do not need money. And besides, it looks like it would be a bit clandestine, so I like it. »
Cédric, 6 years and a half


List of BARTERable articles in possession of the Void:


× show tickets

× audio tapes of the show music (out of stock)

× posters

× a photographic book of the Void, directed by Vasil Tasevski

× sweaty kisses (only after the show)


We are looking for:


× battery-operated radio cassette player, in perfect working order with regard to the cassette section (need not renewed since 2020)

× bikes to borrow locally on tour

× good bar addresses

x good addresses for brewers and fruit juice producers