Suspension of Voids

Perrine Cado

An evolving photographic series to tell the special relationship that is written between performance and architecture, over the spaces invested by The Void.

Perrine Cado makes photographs as an extension of her practice of scenography and light creation. She regularly photographs The Void since its essay #9. In some venues, she is also the assistant of Clément Bonnin for the creation of lights in situ.

This photographic series reveals the place given to the venues where The Void is played, which becomes the third character of the show.
Until now, are presented the Halles de Schaerbeek (Belgium), the Manège de Reims, the Théâtre du Nord (Lille), the circus-theater of Elbeuf, the Monfort theater (Paris), The Plus Petit Cirque du Monde (Bagneux) .
This series is evolving, it is completed during the tours. In 2017, it consists of nine shots.


9 photographs 60cm x 90cm
Recto print on PVC 2mm M1, set up on a black chassis (verso) and equipped with 2 hanging rings
Landscape and portrait formats
Duration: upstream (the exhibition can begin before The Void performances) and during the whole series
Public: all audiences
Where: preferably on the same place of the performances, in a public space (bar, forum), and/or nearby in a partner space.
Particular modalities:
the scenography of the exhibition is redesigned according to each place, but preferably the photos are set in suspension in a lively area.

Duration of the set up: 3 services of 4 hours / equipment and staff requested: lights (F1 or quartz, cabling), stepladder, small equipment, technical assistant.