The jump into the void

Vasil Tasevski

We did not have the right to use the original picture « The Jump into the Void » of the artist Yves Klein. So we decided to make our own jump into the void.

This famous image-manifesto, published in a false edition of the « Journal du Dimanche » printed by Yves Klein on November 27, 1960, is intimate to Fragan Gehlker since the beginning of the creation of The Void. With the photographer Vasil Tasevski, we decide to distort this image and reproduce the performance with one of the central elements of The Void: its mat.

But there is nothing left of the house, of the wall from which Yves Klein jumped and of the street with the irregular asphalt that ended on the railway at Fontenay-aux-Roses (92). Our distorsion project begins looking for a new place. After crazy discussions and many scoutings, we carry out two experiments, at the Academy Fratellini (Saint-Denis – 93) and rue Desvaux, Paris 19th arrondissement.

The traces of these different scenarios constitute an element of the exhibition just like the final image produced.

Vasil Tasevski approaches photography animated by his experience as an acrobat and manipulator of objects. With Fragan Gehlker, his friend and accomplice, he has been doing photographic and video experiments for a few years that make them question the expression of the Circassian body in the image.


1 photograph 80cm x 120cm
Recto print on PVC 2mm M1, set up on a black chassis (verso) and equipped with 2 hanging rings
2 photographs 120cm x 80cm
Printed on photographic paper stretched on a chassis
Duration: during the whole presentation of The Void
Public: all audiences
Where: on the same place of the performances, in a public space (bar, forum)